Recruiters and Candidates Can Be Friends: Part 2

Recruiters: this may be common knowledge, but the position title is not the only important aspect of a potential job for a candidate. Think about your own job; what’s most important to you? What do you like or not like? Do you love your commute or hate your commute? Are your coworkers important to you or do you not really mingle with people at work? Do you like working in a team environment or are you better solo? Would you accept less money for a position close to your house or are flexible work hours most important to you? Considering how you have your own preferences, it’s easy to understand that there are factors more important than job security.

Even passive candidates have grievances with their jobs, but as a recruiter it is your job to be intuitive about what exactly these candidates want. It’s easy to get involved in […]

Recruiters and Candidates Can Be Friends: Part 1

Recruiters and candidates don’t always understand each other. There, I said it. Let’s just accept the fact, and then move on in our journey towards understanding. Don’t worry, this isn’t a scary journey. You’re excited to be here. Let’s go!

Here’s the thing about people that we should all consider: we all get super wrapped up in our own worlds and we forget about the fact that other peoples’ lives and perspectives are totally different. We also probably forget that everyone else is super wrapped up in their own world and so, sometimes, these other people who live in the world that we live in simply just don’t understand us. Just let that sink in for a minute.

Now that we have that settled, let’s move on to how that applies to JOBS. There are all kinds of recruiters; corporate recruiters, tech recruiters, medical recruiters, etc. For just about […]

Employee Spotlight: Pankaj Shrivastav

Pankaj is a shining star in the ASK universe. Day in and day out he works to train and advise employees in the Global Delivery Center. He is responsible for training and teaching all of the new employees and so he is constantly working with very little down time. Pankaj also takes care of ongoing training with current employees in order to keep everyone working at their peak performance level. Because he is involved with training so many of the staff members, Pankaj has become a great mentor. He is constantly innovating to solve any needs that arise in terms of creating new training when necessary or putting new processes in place. Pankaj is consistently taking the initiative to solve problems proactively when he sees them arise. His enthusiasm is contagious and keeps people on their toes and in great spirits.

Pankaj is a man of mystery, but we […]

Counter Offers: To Accept, or Not to Accept – Burning Bridges

The last, and perhaps most practical reason that you should never accept a counter offer is this: You will burn bridges with both your current company and your potential company. Your dependability in the eyes of your current employer will significantly decrease as a result of this interaction. They may keep you around, sure, but chances are they will be looking for your replacement all the while. Even if they aren’t looking for your replacement, they probably think you’re looking for your way out and will leave at any time for more money (which you probably will, let’s be honest). You’re leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, and that’s just not fair. When you finally do leave, (because of your commute or your coworkers or what have you), then you’ve burned some bridges. It’s just not a great way to go out.

Also, you may not realize, but you […]

Counter Offers: To Accept or Not to Accept… Part 2

Did you tune in last week when we told you why it’s a bad call to accept a counter offer? Well we’re back, coming at you with a slew of other reasons why it’s still a bad idea.

So let’s say that you were contacted by a company that needs someone with your skills, but you’re pretty sure that you’re semi-happy where you’re already working and you’re not totally convinced that you want to make a move just yet. Here’s the catch: the new company offered you a huge pay bump. So now you’re thinking that maybe you’re invaluable to your company, but it sure would be nice to put all of that extra money you’d be making at that new company in a college fund for your kids. The solution? Approach your managers with the assumption that they will make a counter offer so that you can both make […]

Counter Offers: To Accept, or Not To Accept…

Maybe you haven’t been quite as happy in your job lately as you usually are. Your commute is less than ideal, your coworkers are getting on your nerves, you’re pretty sure that the pay is probably better elsewhere… However, you’re comfortable at the company, used to your job, it really could be worse. You’ve applied for jobs sporadically and then one day you’re contacted by a recruiter and the rest is history. So you go through the hiring process with this company that is interested in your exact skill set and before you know it, an offer letter shows up in your in-box. Now this is where the tricky bit comes in. How do you navigate your transition? You go tell your manager that you have an offer, maybe expecting to have a conversation about your two weeks, or perhaps feeling out the potential of a counter. At this […]

Employee Spotlight: Sowmya Raman

Sowmya is a dedicated and valued employee on the accounting team. She is ultra-dependable, personable, and highly accurate. In terms of commitment, there is none better than Sowmya.

Sowmya enjoys the fact that she has been allowed the opportunity to work remotely because she has earned the trust of the management. She has been a loyal employee since February of 2010, and although she is often behind the scenes (so to speak) she has had an enormous impact on the continuity and stability of the company. Sowmya enjoys the familial atmosphere of her office and she feels that the “company truly values people on a personal level, which makes the hardest days just as great.”

Without Sowmya, the show would not go on. Operations Manager, Sarah Palmer, holds her in the highest regard, stating that “Sowmya is one of the unsung heroes of ASK. Many people in the company […]

Operation Occupation: Ruby on Rails Software Engineer

Job Description:

Our client is seeking a Ruby on Rails Developer to join their small, dynamic team. You will be developing applications that ensure the company’s success. You’ll be working in a fast-paced, fun environment, and your work will have a huge impact. The ideal candidate will have both experience building web applications and the ability to learn and apply new technologies.

What our client needs you to do every day:

Write maintainable code at lightning speed in a SCRUM agile environment Participate in code reviews, as well as creating and practicing coding standards. Participate in application testing Deploy into production (out-of-hours) and be a member of our out-of hours support. Skills & Requirements:

Ruby, Rails, Capistrano, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery-Rails, Backbone.js, MySQL, Cucumber, Rspec, Git, Jira, Apache, Phusion Passenger, AWS, Linux (or Ubuntu), Jenkins At least 2 years of RoR coding experience Knowledge of the full technology stack and a willingness […]

Employee Spotlight: Amanda Gerson

Amanda Gerson is a valued team member in the ASK’s Corporate office because she is quick working, resourceful, and full of wit. Amanda is always engaged in her work, but she knows when to take a break and have a good laugh. Amanda’s four years at the company have given her a lot of insight and knowledge about how to keep ASK’s recruiting process a well-oiled machine. Having started her career as an entry level recruiter, Amanda’s persistence and commitment have contributed to her growth into a seasoned professional, and she now manages the accounts for some of our highest profile clients.

Amanda may spend a lot of time dedicated to her work and her clients, but she also spends time hanging out with her awesome dogs, cats, and husband. Amanda is an avid Georgia Bulldogs fan; in fact, her wedding was decked out in UGA theme colors.

Adrienne […]

Operation Occupation: Automation Test Engineer

Automation Test Engineer – Software Developer in Test As a Software Developer in Test (SDET), you are an integral part of our client’s Testing Department’s organizational vision of including software Testers as active, early participants in the development lifecycle. As a Test Developer, ideally you will have the engineering flavor of a Developer combined with the quality mindset of a Tester. You will influence product design and the testability of new features so that we can help provide an unbeatable experience for our users. For this position, we’re asking for candidates that are interested in and can exemplify leadership; we need constant learners who motivate their peers and are self-motivated, who are positive and pragmatic, who communicate and collaborate, who execute technical direction, who take responsibility and ownership, and who are driven by the quality and success of their products. Here’s what we’ll need you to do:

Partner with feature […]

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