Employee Spotlight: Raj Singh

Dedicated. This is how Raj Singh is described by his supervisors, and they can’t stop singing his praises. Raj has worked at ASK’s Global Delivery Center for a little over a year and a half and he has worked hard to become a well-trusted Senior Recruiter. When asked what his greatest accomplishment is, Raj said that he has valued earning the trust of his supervisors and clients during his career so that he has been able to work hard and deliver what they need. Raj has worked with a number of very high profile clients in a variety of industries and likely the key to his success as a recruiter is due to the fact that he highly values talking to candidates. Raj mentioned that his favorite part of his job at ASK is taking the time to learn about candidates, talking with them and understanding them personally. His job is made enjoyable by the relationships he’s built. When asked to give some insight, Recruiting Manager, David Kris pointed out that Raj “is a proactive and tireless contributor who has been a great team player. He honestly works to understand you, your requirements and your business culture and standards.”


Raj’s own values translate well into becoming a highly valued recruiter. Because Raj enjoys speaking with candidates and earning the trust of his superiors, he has become a great asset to the ASK team. Vidya Sagar, ASK’s Delivery Center Head proves that Raj “has constantly been one of the best senior recruiters on his team. He is dedicated, punctual and has always brought a tremendous attitude to work which has earned him the respect and admiration of his fellow recruiters across multiple teams at ASK Staffing.” Raj himself would tell you that he’s a little bit quiet; but we learned that Raj is a huge fan of comedic movies and television shows, so although he may be a man of few words at times, Raj still has a great sense of humor. Raj also very much enjoys playing cricket when he’s not working as a recruiter. The Manager of Organizational Development, Pankaj Shrivastav, told us that Raj “works intuitively and fast. These two attributes of his have made him a highly reliable recruiter for some of ASK’s major Fortune 500 clients.” Clearly Raj is a great asset and we’re truly happy to have him on our team!