Employee Spotlight: Suganya Srinivasan


ASK Staffing is entirely excited to present this week’s employee spotlight, our Accounting Lead, Suganya Srinivasan. If her co-workers praise is any indication, Suganya is dependable, cheerful and a great team member. According to Sridevi Mathi, Suganya “has a GO GETTER attitude and is a friendly natured person.”

Suganya’s direct supervisor, Hina Patel, Director of Finance has been impressed with Suganya from day one. Hina truly admires Suganya’s work ethic and dedication. Hina told us that “I truly respect her learning and understanding abilities as far as her duties go and admire her support for the team by being a great leader, mentor and team player”.

Ishan Behl, Suganya’s co-worker says that Suganya has the “ability to inspire” and that she is an “understanding person”. Ishan mentioned as well that he learned many things from Suganya, namely “how to handle things in bad situations” and how “to make an environment that everyone loves to work in”. Garry Pendyala similarly states that Suganya “is down to earth and she is fully dedicated to work all the time”. The general consensus about Suganya as her team member Pavan Nellutla puts it is that she has “very good leadership qualities” and that she is “always helping and encouraging the team”.

When asked how she enjoys her job, Suganya told us that “each task is thrilling” and that her team supports each other well. At first when she began her career at ASK Suganya was very worried; she knew that the job was a challenging role but she has gained so much confidence from returning home every night knowing that she has done her job well. Suganya has developed a strategy for doing her job well during stressful situations: she knows that every task must be maintained at a proper schedule and that she must trust and rely on her team and share tasks with them in order to get everything done.

A few things you may not have known about Suganya:

1)      She LOVES music.
2)      If she could visit anywhere, she’d visit Goa
3)      She’s an awesome cook.