Employee Spotlight: Ven Kumar

One conversation with Ven Kumar makes it obvious that Pankaj Shrivastav’s words are true. “He works quietly, with exceptional focus and it’s rare that he doesn’t manage to get the right candidate for the right job! He has been one of the most prolific recruiters over the last few years, and yet remains humble and very down-to-earth.” Ven is quiet, yes, and when asked about his accomplishments he mentions that he values the other people on his team and his managers. Ven has been working at ASK for several years, since 2011, and he says that he has very much enjoyed his job and his time at ASK.

Ven started out as a recruiter at ASK but his dedication has ensured that he gained responsibility and is now a Sr. Executive IT Recruiter. Vidya Sagar attests to Ven’s commitment, saying that “Ven has been one of the most consistent recruiters we have had right since time he joined us back in 2011. He has proven his ability to understand client requirements quickly and to dig out the best talent quickly. His progression from a recruiter to an executive recruiter has been because of this ability along with his high reliability factor.”

Although his hard work in the office has clearly paid off, Ven shared that one of his favorite things to do outside of the office is learn. Ven mentioned that he loved to do research online, learning about computers and tech in his spare time, which is likely why he is so successful at his job in the IT staffing industry. When he’s not working, Ven also enjoys spending time with his family and his friends. Little known fact; he likes to watch car races.

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