Operation Occupation: Senior User Experience Researcher

We’ve been searching deep and wide for a candidate who has the experience to jump right in with our client’s Sr. User Experience Researcher role. The ideal guy or gal will have a very rich understanding of user experience research, specifically in terms of software. We need someone who LOVES data. Our perfect candidate should have an expert knowledge of user research methods and tools, as well as the confidence to command a team and drive user research with stakeholders at the user level. You’ve got to know your stuff coming in, and strong communication skills are always a plus.
What you’ll be doing every day:

  • Identifying proper research methods based on product phase and timeline, creating proposals, research roadmaps, and timelines. You’ll be executing proposals, recruiting test participants, creating screeners, as well as managing the scheduling of participants and external vendor interactions for recruiting (as needed).
  •  Data, data, data. You’ll be analyzing research data, triangulating research data across multiple points and studies, reporting insights from results, and ultimately generating enhancement recommendations based on your findings. If you’ve got a knack for creating and implementing new, innovative, and efficient ideas into User Experience Research then you’re in then you’ll be a perfect fit. Specifically you’ll be facilitating testing covering quantitative and qualitative data collection techniques such as:
    • 1:1 task based testing, remote moderated 1:1 testing, remote un-moderated testing, open and closed card sorting, focus groups, ethnography/site visits, click testing, 1:1 interviews, survey creation, behavioral analytics tracking, CSR call volume data analysis, concept testing, prototype testing, cognitive walkthroughs, and contextual inquiries.
    • You’ll work closely with UX designers and project stakeholders, proposing and conducting user research activities and providing expert guidance on user experience research to Development, Product Management. Essentially you’ll act as an internal UX Research consultant who ensures data driven and informed design.

Think you can handle it? Make sure you have these excellent skills:

  • Excellent problem solving and analytic skills.
  • Excellent project and time management skills INCLUDING multi-tasking in a fast paced environment
  • Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills.

We need someone who can work collaboratively, someone who is extremely organized, and someone who can work across several channels simultaneously. We need a true multi-tasker who can hold their own in a multi-disciplinary environment, handling user experience research activities throughout the software development life-cycle of applications with numerous research initiatives occurring concurrently. Is that you? Then let us know. Send your resume to 63413@accuick.com.