ASK wins Inavero’s Best of Staffing® for 2015


ASK Staffing is an eclectic group of very personable and committed professionals highly dedicated to solving the staffing needs of its clients. The staff at ASK is passionate about technology, intentionally staying informed of the current trends in order to successfully recruit talented and knowledgeable candidates. Because ASK puts in so much effort to both stay informed about technology and maintain a broad network of tech professionals, we are very excited about being awarded as one of Ivanero’s Best of Staffing®.

This award simply reinforces that our values and priorities are on track and that everything we are hoping to achieve as a team is truly coming to fruition. As this is ASK’s 4th consecutive Best of Staffing award, we are happy to see that year after year we have been able to maintain a standard of excellence and efficient support to our clients. We are quite pleased that we have been able to continue to develop and build strong professional relationships. ASK could not continue to excel without the communication and cooperation of our clients and so as a team we are exceptionally grateful.

Inavero’s Best of Staffing® award allows for staffing companies’ clients to provide useful feedback and testimonials about their experiences working with the recruiters, hiring managers, and companies as a whole. ASK has received some truly inspiring feedback and we are truly encouraged. We were excited to hear that our clients think we have a “Very friendly staff” and that we do “excellent work”. ASK has always striven to work very personally with our clients so we’re pleased to hear that they have found that we take “time to engage with hiring managers and consult on skills and requirements”. Ultimately, ASK is genuinely thrilled at the feedback we have received and we hope to continue this legacy for years to come.