Employee Spotlight: Jagadeep Shanker

Jagadeep Shanker is highly valued by his colleagues, and for good reason. Jagadeep has been working in ASK’s global delivery center for almost three years and he has made himself invaluable during that time as a team lead. Jagadeep has been integral in helping his team members by showing them the ropes and taking care of them by teaching them how to submit resumes and communicate with candidates. Jagadeep says that he really does enjoy working with people and helping them. Jagadeep’s time at ASK has been truly enjoyable, he says, because he has never worked somewhere before that has such a familial atmosphere. He likes that everyone seems to care for each other, and that makes the job more fun.

Pankaj Shrivastav, the Manager of Organizational Development in our Global Delivery Center is extremely proud of Jagadeep. Pankaj says that “he is calm, cool and tenacious! He has confidence in his abilities and goes about getting the best talent for his clients with a minimum of fuss.  He has proved time and again that he can not only understand client needs fast, but can also identify the right talent at break neck speed! He has also displayed the ability to mentor his team members in a down-to-earth way that gets them into the right gear from day one!”

Outside of work Jagadeep is a great music fan. He really enjoys listening to slower music, but he enjoys may different types of music. Jagadeep really is a shining star, and we are lucky to have him at ASK!