Employee Spotlight: David Kris

This week we are highlighting our Resource Manager, David Kris! David is a ball of energy with a sparkling sense of humor and a love for the sport cricket. Read on to see what our staff has to say about this week’s ASK hero.


“When it comes to energy and talent, you just can’t beat David. Since we don’t work in the same office, we see each other a few times a year. Every single time I’ve met him I’m blown away by how ‘switched on’ and focused David is, and this energy shows in the results he’s been able to consistently produce. Apart from being a veritable machine and excellent producer, David is also a genuinely awesome guy with a quick wit and a seriously contagious smile.” – Adrienne Hebb

IMG_20150104_165026 (1)

“David has always been inspiring to us with his quality of work, attitude, and the way he takes care of his team. He has helped us to build strong and energetic team. I have liked his passion about his job and being as he is one of the most senior people in this company, he always maintains simplicity and he is a good example. I would really like to work with him for many more years. In simple words, David has a brilliant brain and he yields the best results.” – Ganesh Nomula