Employee Spotlight: Feroz Shaik


Without people like Feroz on the ASK team, the show would not go on. Feroz is as dedicated to his job as a team lead as he is charming. During his nearly three years of employment in ASK’s Global Delivery Center, Feroz has made a dedicated attempt to continue to learning and building upon his career background. He has loved joining a company that has such a close knit atmosphere, and he has been challenged and rewarded by the fast paced environment. Feroz says that he has really enjoyed being a team lead because he likes the likes training people and spending time with them. Feroz particularly likes working with his client and he has continued to grow and adapt to the highly competitive environment. If there’s one thing to be said about Feroz it’s that he is committed to his self improvement.

Feroz’s positive attitude is pervasive amongst his peers. Adrienne Hebb, VP of Operations has worked closely with Feroz and she writes that “Feroz approaches his work with a rare sincerity and a “never give up” attitude that I truly admire. He’s an avid reader and perpetual student of his experiences, always on the lookout for resources to learn more, do better, and inspire those around him. It’s always a pleasure to work alongside someone like Feroz, and it’s a gift to have his steady hand to guide one of our very successful teams.” Terrell Carby is also a great fan of Feroz’s, mentioning that he is a “fiercely loyal Team Leader who is always willing to make himself available when needed.  He works tremendously hard and is always willing to put in the necessary amount of time in to ensure the job is always done right.  Feroz brings a wide spectrum of telecom industry knowledge to the table that is helpful to everyone he works with.  Bottom line, Feroz is our “go to” person and we have the utmost confidence in him and his leadership within the team.”

Manager of Organizational development, Pankaj Shrivastav works with Feroz as well and finds him to be “reliable, and an amazingly quick learner. He has handled the responsibilities of leading his team brilliantly through the good and the tough times. He has emerged as an example for others to emulate due to his down-to-earth approach and never-say-die attitude. He is always ready to mentor and support his team members and has proven adept at rising to challenges time and again. It’s a pleasure to work with someone so dedicated!”

In his free time Feroz is an avid movie watcher and book reader. He particularly loves the film Pursuit of HappYness and he is a fan of Napolean Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. He also especially enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Feroz is truly a gem and everyone at ASK is happy to have his joyful nature and competitive drive as an influence. Congratulations, Feroz!