Employee Spotlight: Sowmya Raman


Sowmya is a dedicated and valued employee on the accounting team. She is ultra-dependable, personable, and highly accurate. In terms of commitment, there is none better than Sowmya.

Sowmya enjoys the fact that she has been allowed the opportunity to work remotely because she has earned the trust of the management. She has been a loyal employee since February of 2010, and although she is often behind the scenes (so to speak) she has had an enormous impact on the continuity and stability of the company. Sowmya enjoys the familial atmosphere of her office and she feels that the “company truly values people on a personal level, which makes the hardest days just as great.”

Without Sowmya, the show would not go on. Operations Manager, Sarah Palmer, holds her in the highest regard, stating that “Sowmya is one of the unsung heroes of ASK. Many people in the company will never work with her directly and therefore don’t realize just how much she does to keep us moving day in and day out. Personally, I’d be lost without her Quickbooks expertise.” Pankaj Shrivastav, the Director of Organizational Delivery, also mentions that Sowmya “has been a pillar of strength for the payroll and accounts process for close to a decade now. She is considered the ‘Zen’ of finance and accounting across ASK because of her calm, confident, and calibrated approach to everything. She’s a high energy individual and is always found with a smile on her face. These attributes have not only helped her create a great team around her, but streamline the all-important process over the years to the point that any new entrant into the team takes just a few short days to get into groove. It’s a pleasure working with her and I wish her great success in the years ahead too!”

Sowmya is quite obviously a shining star and role model. While she strives for perfection at work, she truly knows how to wind down when she gets home. Sowmya enjoys painting and creating new art in her spare time. She hopes to one day be able to exhibit her works. When asked about her favorite food, Sowmya said that she doesn’t really have a preference, but she is a vegetarian so she sticks with the vegetarian food. We are so happy to have Sowmya on our side and we’re glad that you’ve gotten to know her too.