Counter Offers: To Accept, or Not To Accept…

counter offers

Maybe you haven’t been quite as happy in your job lately as you usually are. Your commute is less than ideal, your coworkers are getting on your nerves, you’re pretty sure that the pay is probably better elsewhere… However, you’re comfortable at the company, used to your job, it really could be worse. You’ve applied for jobs sporadically and then one day you’re contacted by a recruiter and the rest is history. So you go through the hiring process with this company that is interested in your exact skill set and before you know it, an offer letter shows up in your in-box. Now this is where the tricky bit comes in. How do you navigate your transition? You go tell your manager that you have an offer, maybe expecting to have a conversation about your two weeks, or perhaps feeling out the potential of a counter. At this point, you’re completely showing your cards. So where do things go from here. What if they do extend a counter offer? You have some options, but overwhelmingly, your best option is to turn that counter offer down, and there are some pretty good reasons why.

Let’s say that your company offers you a significant salary increase to stay. They need someone with your skills, don’t have the time and budget to hire someone else, don’t have the ability to train someone new, etc. They’re in panic mode, and they really want you to stick around. Let’s say you accept the counter offer, and stick with it. Remember how you were frustrated about your commute, your coworkers, and your salary? Well your commute will stay the same, and so will your coworkers, so in the end, is a better salary worth it? Eventually all of the things that really bothered you will come right back around and continue to frustrate you, and the one improved factor will still be outweighed by all of the negative ones. You’re putting a Band-Aid on an open wound rather than getting stitches.

Still think it might not be such a bad idea to accept a counter offer? Tune in next week to find out why it’s definitely the wrong move.