Employee Spotlight: Pankaj Shrivastav


Pankaj is a shining star in the ASK universe. Day in and day out he works to train and advise employees in the Global Delivery Center. He is responsible for training and teaching all of the new employees and so he is constantly working with very little down time. Pankaj also takes care of ongoing training with current employees in order to keep everyone working at their peak performance level. Because he is involved with training so many of the staff members, Pankaj has become a great mentor. He is constantly innovating to solve any needs that arise in terms of creating new training when necessary or putting new processes in place. Pankaj is consistently taking the initiative to solve problems proactively when he sees them arise. His enthusiasm is contagious and keeps people on their toes and in great spirits.

Pankaj is a man of mystery, but we do know that he is a connoisseur of all foods and he loves spending time with his mother. and his family when he’s not working hard at the office. Pankaj is the trainer extraordinaire, but he’s more than that. He always follows through, he’s dependable and trustworthy. Pankaj is a trainer, coach, and mentor to many. ASK is fortunate to have someone so committed and accepting on its team. VP of Operations, Adrienne Hebb, has been impressed with Pankaj’s work ethic. She has been “fortunate enough to work with Pankaj closely on several projects over the past 2 years, and I’ve also had the chance to see him in action doing what he loves: training and mentoring our team in the Global Delivery Center. Pankaj has always impressed me with his microscopic attention to detail, superhuman work ethic, and passion for what he does. I’m a huge Pankaj fan, and consider myself privileged to work with such a consummate professional and all-around great guy!”

Pankaj has been an inspiration, and we’re so excited to have him on our team. Thanks Pankaj for all that you do!