Recruiters and Candidates Can Be Friends: Part 1


Recruiters and candidates don’t always understand each other. There, I said it. Let’s just accept the fact, and then move on in our journey towards understanding. Don’t worry, this isn’t a scary journey. You’re excited to be here. Let’s go!

Here’s the thing about people that we should all consider: we all get super wrapped up in our own worlds and we forget about the fact that other peoples’ lives and perspectives are totally different. We also probably forget that everyone else is super wrapped up in their own world and so, sometimes, these other people who live in the world that we live in simply just don’t understand us. Just let that sink in for a minute.

Now that we have that settled, let’s move on to how that applies to JOBS. There are all kinds of recruiters; corporate recruiters, tech recruiters, medical recruiters, etc. For just about any industry, there exists a recruiter whose job it is to find people to work in said industry. Corporate recruiters are usually looking for candidates to come work at their company, full time, permanent positions. No contracts, hourly rates, anything like that. They’ll call you, say “HI, I’m so-and-so, I work for such-and-such company, do you want to work here too? You’d love it, here’s why…” Third party recruiters, on the other hand, are working at a staffing company, probably a staffing company that has an industry-specific set of clients. These clients ask the staffing industry to have their recruiters look for candidates for their open jobs, because these recruiters know how to find people who work in their industry. It’s their job. There are a lot more logistics, but you get the basics. Now we can talk about a recruiter’s day to day, what that means for YOU the candidate, and how to understand these people.

Recruiters work long hours. At least most of them do. Ever gotten a call from a recruiter at 8 AM? Were you a little annoyed because you were still trying to finish chugging your first cup of coffee on your commute? Well, recruiters are smart, and they know that you’re not at work yet and you’ll probably think to yourself, “Who is calling me at this hour?” so you might pick up. By the time you’ve gotten to work all bets are off. So rather than being SUPER ANNOYED that they’re interrupting your quiet time, hear them out. They might have a really cool job for you, and you might be into it. They also might call you on your way home from work too. Just remember, that although you may feel like your space is a little invaded, it never hurts to start a conversation with someone who can get you a job, even if you’re not interested. Connections are good to have. Also, these recruiters’ jobs depend on being able to get you on the phone and interested in a position. They have to be creative and do whatever they can to get their positions filled and that might just mean they’re going to call you when you don’t want to talk. Sorry. But now you know what it’s like to be in their shoes, isn’t that nice?

Tune in next week and we’ll offer you some more useful insight into the world of candidate-recruiter relationships.