Recruiters and Candidates Can Be Friends: Part 2

Recruiters: this may be common knowledge, but the position title is not the only important aspect of a potential job for a candidate. Think about your own job; what’s most important to you? What do you like or not like? Do you love your commute or hate your commute? Are your coworkers important to you or do you not really mingle with people at work? Do you like working in a team environment or are you better solo? Would you accept less money for a position close to your house or are flexible work hours most important to you? Considering how you have your own preferences, it’s easy to understand that there are factors more important than job security.

Even passive candidates have grievances with their jobs, but as a recruiter it is your job to be intuitive about what exactly these candidates want. It’s easy to get involved in the daily grind and treat each candidate just like the next, but if you remember that there’s more to it than that, you’ll be able to place candidates who want to stick with their positions long term. Your candidates won’t quit because they are content with their positions and you have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped someone better their career by doing their own job well. Recruiters sometimes lose sight of the human element, forgetting to pay attention to the little details, but it’s these details that will make the biggest difference. And if you’re working hard to understand your candidates, you might learn a lot more than you bargained for, and have a better time doing your own job helping others get jobs. It’s a win-win, right?