How to Take on Tough Cybersecurity Challenges

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Cybersecurity is on the mind of every CEO and corporate board today. Each year, corporations across the globe spend billions of dollars to secure corporate data and keep hackers out. When hackers are successful, it can cost a corporation greatly. The damage caused by hackers goes beyond financial burdens and extends to both an organization’s reputation and customer relationships. With this in mind, how does an organization successfully take on the cybersecurity challenges our connected world presents?

The Top 6 Cyber Challenges

Challenge # 1 – Data, Data, Everywhere

Solution: Separate Personal Employee Data from the Rest of Your Network

Businesses today are overflowing with all types of data. Where possible, use segregated networks for employee data and business operations. This segregation can prevent many headaches and can isolate damage in the event of a breach.

Challenge # 2 – Cyber Risk from Outside Parties

Solution: Evaluate Third-Party Risk for Vendors

Many breaches occur from outside an organization through subcontractors and vendors. Subcontractors or vendors that have access to your network, and those that process highly sensitive data (such as health insurance providers), must be carefully vetted and evaluated regarding their security practices.

Challenge # 3 – Determining Network Risk

Solution: Perform Penetration Testing Annually

Penetration testing, conducted annually, can be a real eye-opener. When done correctly, penetration tests can find vulnerabilities before a hacker can, allowing your organization to address vulnerabilities before they become breaches. One caveat is that testing should be performed with a clearly defined scope and by an independent third party, usually a security penetration testing company, with verifiable credentials.

Challenge # 4: Data Safety

Solution: Encrypt Data When Possible

Encrypting data is an extra safeguard to limit the damage caused by breaches. Today’s technology makes properly encrypting data easy and cost-effective. There’s very little reason not to encrypt highly sensitive data, such as employee Personally Identifiable Information.

Challenge # 5: Breaches

Solution: Have an in-place Incident Response Plan and Address Breaches Quickly Including Informing Those Affected

If an organization does experience a breach, it’s best to address it quickly. Having an in-place, tested incident response plan is vital in this situation. Additionally, it’s best to notify affected parties as soon as possible. If you experience a breach, it’s a good idea to provide affected parties with credit monitoring services for at least 12 months. This gesture of good will can also serve to insulate an organization from potential legal issues down the road.

Challenge #6: Implementation of Security Procedures

Solution: Enlist Your Employees in Your Security Solution

Many of the largest hacks in recent news cycles have been because of successful phishing attacks. Training employees to identify potential social engineering or phishing efforts is crucial to prevent attacks. Making sure employees receive yearly training which covers the most up-to-date information is vital. They are your first line of defense in the great cyber battle.

Moving Forward

Cybersecurity is a complex, but necessary, part of doing business today, regardless of the industry. The best way to prevent cyber attacks is preparation. A crucial part of preparation is making sure your employees are well trained and ready to serve as your first line of defense. When the time comes to recruit this very important part of your cybersecurity plan, it’s best to reach out to a professional recruiter. At ASK Staffing, we can provide you with talent who will help protect your data and grow your business. Reach out to our recruiting experts today.

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