Why Tech Contractor Roles Aren’t Going Anywhere

Why Tech Contractor Roles Aren’t Going Anywhere

In 2018, the contract workforce is thriving. An NPR/Marist poll found that one in five jobs in the U.S. is held by a worker under contract. Within a decade, contractors and freelancers could make up half of the American workforce. This contract trend is especially robust in the tech industry.

How Did the Contract Employment Model Happen?

The Great Recession of 2008

During the recession, employers started hiring workers on a contract basis. Companies went to this strategy to combat economic uncertainty. At the same time, with unemployment rising, employees who once held traditional roles were open to considering this new type of employment. As the economy recovered, businesses saw a benefit to this type of staffing model given the increased flexibility to hire talent for present conditions without necessarily making commitments for the longer term.

Technology Provided the Tools: Teleworking Ability

While employment markets and business models changed, technology offered the flexibility to support contract work. With advances in tools, such as video conferencing and VPN, workers could work from anywhere. Gone were the days having to be in the same city as your employer, which gave an added boost needed to support this new way of employment.

What is the Future for Contract Workers in Tech?

For tech workers, the future is bright for contract roles. With companies seeing the many advantages of this new arrangement, more and more positions will be shifted to contract status instead of traditional permanent, full-time roles so prevalent in the past.

While this thought can be uncomfortable for many, there are many ways this contract model can benefit a tech worker. For example, it allows them to explore other industries. This employment model also allows tech workers to be exposed to different types of technology, platforms and tools that can drive their market value higher. This kind of experience is hard to come by in a traditional single role, with one company over several years.

How Do Tech Workers Prepare for This Change?

The best way for tech workers to succeed in this contract world is to develop a long-term relationship with a professional recruiter. At ASK Staffing, we prepare our candidates for this new way of doing business by using our expertise and experience in the contract market. We also have the industry connections to help our candidates find the best assignments and keep their careers moving forward. Contact us today!

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