How to Get Noticed in a Competitive Tech Market

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The tech industry has always been known to seek out the best and the brightest. Because of this, the competition for jobs with well-known tech companies can be tough. With this in mind, it’s imperative that tech professionals set themselves apart from their peers. So, how do tech professionals get noticed in this very competitive market?

Make Sure Your Resume is Top Notch

More than 250 resumes will be submitted for every corporate job opening. From this pile of over 250 resumes, 4 to 6 candidates will be interviewed, and 1 will be offered the job.” With statistics like these, it’s imperative your resume is in the best shape possible to stand out from the pack. Not only must your resume be “perfect,” it must also be unique in order to find its way to the top of the pile. Make sure all your skills are correctly and efficiently displayed and any non-useful information is removed.

Find a Specific Niche

Tech professionals who excel in a specific niche tend to fare better in the job market than a “jack of all trades.” While it is essential to be flexible and well-rounded, tech professionals who have niche talent and skills stand out from other candidates who chose not to focus on one specific area.

With Niche in Hand, Establish a Brand and Online Presence

In today’s social media-obsessed world, having a brand and online presence is essential to getting your name out there. Make sure your social media platforms share the same design and feel so you present your audience with a coherent message. Try to add to your social media vehicles often and interact with followers when possible.

Publish Papers and Speak at Conferences

By publishing in industry publications, you begin to create a body of work that employers can turn to when evaluating your candidacy. When speaking at conferences, you show the world your expertise. Conferences can also serve as excellent networking opportunities from which professional relationships can grow.

Establish a Relationship With a Recruiter

For a tech professional, it’s essential to have someone “sell” you and your skills. This selling is best done by a professional recruiter. A recruiter can also advise you on your branding and possible enhancements you can make to your skills and training to further advance your profile in the industry.

Planning for the Future

The tech world is a highly competitive industry for talent. For tech professionals to achieve success in this unique marketplace, it’s critical to position yourself ahead of the competition. There are many ways to accomplish this goal, such as finding a niche and developing your brand, but most importantly, it’s finding someone to “sell” you to the world. This “selling” is best done by a professional recruiter. At ASK Staffing, we help our candidates prepare for the marketplace and assist them in finding their competitive edge. Contact us today to see how we can help set you apart from the pack!

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