DevOps Trends You Should Know Now

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DevOps has gone from a ‘chaotic experiment’ once believed destined for failure to the industry standard in a short period of time. In the last year alone, DevOps has seen considerable change, as more businesses include the methodology into their operating environment. As DevOps becomes more and more prevalent, how do companies take advantage of this change in operations to speed delivery and innovation?

What is DevOps?

 DevOps, also sometimes referred to as “Continuous Integration” (CI) or “Continuous Delivery” (CD) is an application development and management practice that aims to integrate software development with deployment and operations. The practice of DevOps is predicated on developing, testing, and deploying code in the shortest amount of time possible by removing all manual effort and ‘customizations.’ Read more about the top DevOps trends of 2018, below. 

Enterprise DevOps

In 2017, the presence of DevOps grew stronger in both the IT world and business community. “According to a study by cloud-management provider RightScale, the ratio of enterprises that have adopted some aspect of DevOps principles reached 84% in 2017.”

While the presence of DevOps has grown, many businesses still haven’t fully implemented DevOps into their organizations. Instead, many companies are still struggling to fully adopt DevOps and are still in the testing phase before wide adoption. Moreover, Robert Stroud of Forrester Research, states that “although many organizations are in the experimentation stage with single or multiple pilots, they all are transitioning toward DevOps across their entire enterprise.”

A Focus on Security

As DevOps takes a more significant role in the IT and business world, how it interacts with security must be examined. Jay Lyman, an analyst at 451 Research, states he is “increasingly hearing users and vendors talk about the need to inject security thinking and security people earlier into the development and the release process and the workflow.”

For DevOps principles to bring about its promised benefits, there cannot be any blockers or hurdles that slow the deployment pipeline. Traditional security gateways such as code reviews, application security testing, and other, typically time-consuming activities can no longer be relied on to ensure secure coding principles are followed. As such, DevOps has put a new emphasis on continuous security testing, and code analysis wherein automated tools are used and the very minute code is checked in to the version control system, this security testing begins.

Containers and Serverless Technology

Another aspect of DevOps is the removal of ‘customization’ of the computing environment. With the principle of continuous code deployment, a new environment must be created every time a new version is released so as not to increase production downtime.

If the computing environment is highly customized, creating this new environment can be a lengthy, bug-prone process. This has led to the widespread adoption of orchestration, containerization, and even serverless technologies. A container is a self-contained environment that has all the required features to execute the application. Serverless technology is just an abstraction of containers where developers/operations engineers don’t even build/manage the containers; they merely write code to run on compute nodes without any underlying infrastructure that needs to be managed.

For 2018, and beyond, “analysts at Research and Markets, expect this area to grow by almost 33% annually, reaching $7.72 billion by 2021.”

Planning for the Future

DevOps principles are vital to increase responsiveness and reduce time-to-deployment. In 2018 and beyond, the role of DevOps will continue to expand in scale and evolve. If you are a tech professional, with DevOps experience, and looking for a new, challenging role to enhance your skills contact the experts at ASK Staffing. At ASK Staffing, we place developers and infrastructure engineers who are experts in DevOps and CI/CD in positions that challenge them and help grow their careers. Contact us today for more information!


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