The Right Way to Address Employment Gaps on Your Tech Resume

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Gaps in employment can happen to many professionals. Whether the reason is of a personal nature, (maternity or paternity leave or caring for a family member), or is a more professional matter (being laid off or heading back to the classroom), it is essential that a tech professional address these gaps on their resume. So, what are the most common employment gaps that professionals experience and how does a job seeker address these gaps on their tech resume? 

Employment Gap # 1: Going Back to School Full-time

 Returning to school full-time after being employed can create a gap in employment. If you are a professional returning to the workforce after being a full-time student, there are several ways to present this gap on your resume. For example, not only should you list the type of degree you earned, but you should also put your educational experience under your professional experience. This strategy ensures that the reason for your gap in employment is clearly explained. List your educational institution as an employer, and then provide a small sample of the classes you took, student organizations you belonged to, and other activities you participated in while in school that prepared you to return to the workforce.

Employment Gap # 2: Returning to the Workforce after an Absence

Many professionals step away from the workforce to care for a sick family member or when recovering from an illness themselves.  While not employed during this time, any volunteer work, independent study, or associations with professional organizations should be disclosed. Show a prospective employer that while you were attending to family and personal matters, you still tried to stay engaged to retain or improve your overall skillset.

Employment Gap # 3: Contract and Temp Staffing

There are several cases where tech professionals find themselves working in the same role, but for many different employers. Thus, this situation shows a gap in long-term employment. This is common in contract work or temporary assignments. Instead of listing numerous employers, list the position and then compile and summarize your professional experiences for the different organizations under one umbrella.

Employment Gap # 4: Being Unemployed for a Period of Time

For tech professionals who find themselves unemployed for longer than a few weeks, it can be hard to figure out how to present this gap on their resume. While you can’t make this go away, by presenting it positively, it can greatly help. Discuss what experiences you had while being out of work. Did you study for a certification? Did you volunteer? Did you take training courses or attend conferences? Much like returning to work after an absence, it’s best to highlight the activities you participated in to help you stay current in your industry even if you weren’t employed.

Planning Ahead

For a tech professional who has gaps in their work history, preparing a resume can be a difficult task. However, by addressing employment gaps in a well thought out and meaningful way the negative impact can be lessened. If you are tech professional, who needs further resume assistance and career guidance, it is best to contact a professional recruiter. At ASK Staffing, we help prepare tech candidates for their job searches and place them in roles that will ensure career success. Contact us today to learn more!


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