3 Skills of the Most Successful Network Engineers

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What makes a network engineer successful and of the successful network engineers, what are three skills of the MOST successful ones? There are a few common traits that consistently make the difference between a good and great network professional.

Communication is Key

It’s the soft skills that make or break a successful network engineer. The stereotypical IT guy, that is a nonverbal, or worse, sarcastic and condescending quickly gets a bad reputation within an organization.

On the other hand, the friendly and positive IT network professional that is happy to help and can explain technical concepts in plain, digestible language is an asset to the organization.

Continual Education

Technology is an industry that you must continually learn and develop your skills, certifications and experiences. A desirable network engineer will have several vendor specific certifications, with Cisco CCNA being the most sought after as well as the most common.

Next consider adding at least one discipline-based certification. This demonstrates to employers you are committed and invested in your career. An example for network professional would be investing in the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Organization and Planning Skills

It seems obvious but deploying and managing complex networks takes an organized and analytical mind that understands product roadmaps, end-of-life and emerging technology. Additionally, network engineers need to have fundamental understanding of the entire company’s technology ecosystem, or network operations center; including security, software, hardware and network architecture.

Career Roadmap of a Network Engineer

A career in network engineering is a rewarding experience that often puts IT professionals in the center of the technical activity of a company. Depending on the organizations size, network engineers can advance to senior level positions with the NOC (Network Operations Center). At small-medium size business, often the network engineer is the “IT” guy and handles everything.

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