Why You Should Brush Up on Your C Programming Skills to Find a New Job

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It’s that time. Time to move on in your technology career. As a first step, start by evaluating your programming languages and determine where you have a skill gap.

If you thought C programming language was dead, think again. C programming is the go-to language for most developers and still ranks highly on the programming-language indexes of RedMonk and TIOBE.

Evolution of C

C language is one of the original programming languages, right up there with Assembly and FORTRAN. The difference is, 46 years later C is still going strong.
The reason: Evolution. C is always releasing updated versions to keep pace with new functions.

Why C?

By brushing up on your C skills you will be able to read and write code for a large number of platforms, including microcontrollers, advanced systems and operating systems.

C or C++

C++ is an extension of C.  It is quite difficult to learn C++ without learning C first. By first learning C, learning C++ language becomes much easier.

The Future of C

C, with its widespread acceptance and ease of use, is embedded in modern computing. C++ is considered more modern, however, the likelihood of C++ replacing C in the next decade is slim. Replacing legacy code is expensive and companies only undertake projects like this when there is a clear need.

Moving On

The reasons vary for informational technology professionals desiring a new job. Whatever your reason is, consulting with a professional recruiter should be your first call.

At ASK Staffing, we work with technology professionals to identify skill gaps and strengths to best position your experience. If you are a tech professional seeking a new IT career, let us help prepare you for your job search. Contact us today to learn more!


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