How CIOs Can Boost Productivity in IT

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Information technology (IT) departments are often thought of as the supportive team to the business-side. If a Chief Information Officer (CIO) wants to change this mindset, they need to stop waiting for sales and business development directors to come to them with client/user requests.

Instead, create a proactive IT department with these steps that will increase your productivity.

Create a Culture of Change

As a CIO, challenge your team to be proactive and approach the business stakeholders with new ways technology can enable their teams to meet goals and solve problems. A proactive approach gives your team a leadership and consultative role within your company, your employees will have increased job satisfaction and will feel ownership over the projects they are collaborating or leading.

Develop a Mentorship Program

Creating a mentoring program that pairs new IT graduates with seasoned IT pros helps the newer techs develop much needed IT skills and it keeps your experienced, tenured professionals engaged and challenged.

Create Challenge

Create team challenges that involves research, testing and evaluating new solutions. Rotate the challenges to different IT groups to keep each member challenged and productive. Set guidelines of how to test and measure results and be concise in explaining the parameters of the challenge in a way the team can tangibly relate to.

Reward Success

In Spiceworks’ recent 2018 IT Career Outlook report, 2,163 IT workers were surveyed and over one-third of the IT workers in North America and Europe are considering a new job in 2018.

What was an interesting outcome of the report, was to learn how generational needs and concerns are weighted differently by millennials, Gen Xers or baby boomers. When you are evaluating employee performance, it’s important to understand the different views each generation assigns to compensation and career advancement opportunities.

Growing Your IT Department

Whether you are planning to bring in new tech talent this year, or attrition decides this for you, having an ongoing relationship with the professional IT recruiters at ASK Staffing ensures a quick transition. Connect with one of our IT recruiters and be prepared for an ever-changing IT job market. Contact us today!

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