Transferable Skills That Will Make Your Tech Resume Stand Out

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The technical requirements of an IT professional are always evolving. To advance your career, it’s the transferable, soft skills that will get your resume noticed or get you promoted. Communication skills, innovation, and business acumen are the skills that will separate you from the other IT applicants, as well as the new IT replacement of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic replacement.

Enhancing your Communication and Empathy Skills

Enhancing your soft skills is a lifelong pursuit. Practice by listening to others and then asking questions to ensure you understand the meaning, intent and emotion of what is being said. Work to understand your entire business, not just the function of the IT department. And above all else, express empathy. People want to be surrounded by people they like and that understand them.

Be an Innovator and Problem Solver

Highlighting ways that you have creatively approached a problem demonstrates that you are continually seeking new ways to solve problems. You can showcase your innovation with issues you where you able to troubleshoot with “outside the box” solutions that no one considered before.

Focus on Business Results

When you are explaining how your recommendations solved previous problems, focus on the business results and outcomes. Relate the outcomes so the person you are talking to can easily understand the positive impact your expert IT approach helped the business, for example: saved money, gained customers, reduced churn.

Connect Your Soft Skills to IT Tools

Information Technology pro’s need more than just soft skills to get a new job or promotion. The tech tools you are proficient at need to be highlighted in conjunction with your soft skills.
For example:

Ability to Multi-Task

Project management lead for 6-month IT deployment, managed team, projects and milestones with Basecamp and JIRA.

Leave the Geek Speak Behind

Talk to non-tech team members, including company leadership with common language – leave the ‘geek speak’ back in the IT department. Learn how to quickly evaluate each person’s level of IT understanding and tolerance. Pay attention to the glazed-eye looks, polite nodding of the head, or the even more direct, “I don’t understand a word you said.’ The smartest IT people don’t talk tech, they talk business goals and results.

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