How To Retain Your Best IT Staff

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The chances of losing a top employee from your IT staff are quite high these days. According to recent studies, 40 percent of IT professionals are planning to look for a new job within the next 6 months, and close to 70 percent are passively looking. As an employer, how do you retain your best IT staff?

We asked our team of recruiters to share the best and most innovative practices they have seen to increase retention in IT teams.  Here are the top five suggestions:

Show Respect

Respect for the individual employee, for the work they do, and for the role their department contributes to the overall organization is all important in ensuring your information technology professionals feel like contributing members of your organization.

Too often, IT departments are treated as cost centers or referred to in one dimensional stereotypes. You can show respect to your IT members by providing praise when individuals or teams accomplish projects that result in a positive outcome for the company.

Recognize Revenue is Important

IT positions have dominated the top 10 highest earning position rankings for years. IT professionals are acutely aware of their worth and will seek new opportunities to realize their best financial potential.

Besides for offering a competitive salary and benefits package, consider offering profit sharing that is linked to your company’s performance. This incentivizes your IT team to align their interests, with those of the company’s goals.

Encourage a Flexible Working Environment

The employee workforce has changed and companies that have adapted and offer flex-time and remote working options win the loyalty of top-level professional talent. The days of having your senior software engineer needing to call in sick because his two-year-old has an earache are long over.

If you are in a company, that is holding onto outdated rules of 8:00am to 5:00pm in the office, with 3 weeks PTO that is requested in advance, be prepared for frequent turnover. Trust and respect your professional team to be able to accomplish their projects within the timeline and budget given, but let them define their most productive work times.

Have a Clear Career Path

Both your newest IT recruits and your senior IT managers need to know what the ‘next’ step is for them on their career path. Create a career roadmap, with milestones that lead to the next level of achievement.

Actively Recruit Diversity

IT departments that reflect diversity in cultural, gender and geographic regions problem solve in more creative ways. Diversity promotes new ideas, individuals can learn from one another, and they may discover the solution to a problem in the process.

Need Top IT Talent?

In today’s competitive job marketing, it is often too late to start recruiting IT talent just when you find out your CIO is leaving. Having a relationship with the professional IT recruiters at ASK Staffing ensures a quick transition, regardless of the IT career level needed. Connect with one of our IT recruiters and be prepared for an ever-changing IT job market. Contact us today!


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