The Only Sentence You Need to Negotiate Your Salary

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Interviewing is stressful enough. But, if you prove to the interviewer that you are the ideally fit candidate, then you’ll make it that next stage: the job offer.

To some, negotiating a job offer is actually worse than the interview. To others, they love the chase and the negotiating game. Whatever side you are on, there is only one sentence you need to know to quickly negotiate your salary.

Recruiters, like the professionals at ASK Staffing share their negotiating tips with their candidates. This is one of the many reasons, you should seek out professional recruiters when you start thinking it’s time for a job change.

With negotiating, it all comes down to one, politely delivered sentence.

These 12 magical words can get you a higher salary, increased paid time off, and whatever else that’s in reason on your wish list: “If you can get me X (and Y, and Z), I’ll accept the offer now.”

Why Does This Sentence Work?

Hiring managers are expecting a counter offer and appreciate a candidate that eliminates the back and forth of negotiating. Assuming your request(s) are reasonable, and you researched the company’s salary ranges, time off policy and any other requests you made, the hiring manager typically has room to negotiate and will often accept your request on the spot.

Additionally, they want to ensure that the candidate is excited about the role and the company. The ending of the phrase, “I’ll accept the offer now” decisively demonstrates your enthusiasm for the company and job offer.

Hiring managers appreciate this direct approach also because it demonstrates confidence and leadership. The precise qualities they are seeking.

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