3 Tips to Make Your Tech Team More Diverse

Creating a diverse team can be challenging. Often, you are
limited based on the candidates that apply and biases, whether conscious or
unconscious, can impact hiring decisions, leading to more homogenous groups.

Research shows that having a diverse team provides
significant benefits, particularly in areas like innovation and creativity. This can help the company’s bottom line by
creating new products or finding solutions that may otherwise have missed the

If you want to make your tech team more diverse, here are
three tips to help you on your journey.

1. Eliminate Buzzword Titles

Over recent years, vacancy announcements began to more
heavily feature certain buzzwords that companies hoped would help them stand
out from their competitors. Teams like “ninja” and “guru” began to litter the
text, and the result of using these words wasn’t always positive.

While they seem whimsical in
nature to many, certain buzzwords are seen as gender specific while
others are culturally insensitive. This
implies that you are seeking candidates that fit certain demographics or aren’t sensitive to how the words are perceived by those from different

When you want to increase diversity, it’s wise to remove
these terms and instead use descriptive or official titles, like “analyst” or

2. Offer Diversity Training

When it comes to selecting candidates, hiring managers often
feel drawn to job seekers who remind them of themselves. At times, this means
they are more likely to choose candidates with backgrounds
that resemble theirs, and this can harm
diversity initiatives.

By providing managers with training about combatting
conscious and unconscious hiring bias, you increase the odds that the best
person is selected for the role. Over
time, this can increase diversity as the motivations that were creating a
less-diverse team are slowly removed.

3. Try New Recruitment Sources

If you want to improve diversity, consider branching out
into new recruitment sources. You can seek out niche job boards that target tech
professionals as well as those that appeal to different portions of the

The social media platforms you choose as advertising
vehicles also impact diversity,
particularly when it comes to the age of the candidate. Twitter tends to appeal
to a younger demographic while seasoned professionals are more commonly on

Similarly, you can reach out to organizations in your
community that support professionals from different walks of life. There are a number of groups that work to
assist women and minorities as they strive to become successful in their fields
and, by tapping into these organizations as a resource, you can learn about
skilled candidates that may otherwise not learn about your openings.

Partnering with a reputable staffing firm can also assist
with your diversity initiatives. Recruitment agencies often have access to
large candidate pools, giving you a mechanism to connect with more candidates
quickly and efficiently.

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