4 Reasons Why You Should Stay in Touch With Your Former Boss

When you move on to a new role, the idea of staying in touch
with your old boss may seem odd. This is especially true if your relationship
wasn’t always ideal or was downright challenging at times. Even if you had a
strong connection, which can occur when a supervisor isn’t just overseeing your
work but also helps you grow as a professional, touching base regularly might
feel strange, particularly when it comes to discussing how happy you are in
your new job.

However, remaining in contact with your former manager is
actually a smart move, especially when it comes to the success of your career.
If you are sure why, here aren’t four reasons to stay in touch with your old

1. Guidance

Just because you’ve started in a new position doesn’t mean
your old boss can’t offer you guidance
during trying times. In fact, they can be an excellent sounding board when you
run into challenges, as they aren’t personally involved in your new work

If you aren’t in a profession where discussing the details
of your new role with someone outside the company could be an issue, don’t
discount how valuable your former manager’s advice could be during a time of
need. They could become a helpful mentor during your career journey, but that
can’t happen if you don’t stay in contact.

2. Professional Development

Ultimately, few people understand your professional
strengths and weaknesses like your former manager. This makes them uniquely positioned
when it comes to helping you determine what areas you should focus on if you
want to grow your skills.

While they may have shared some of these details with you
while you were part of their team, they may be able to speak more bluntly now
that the relationship is over. By staying connected, you can invite them to
discuss these points with you without being hampered
by policy or formality, and you may learn valuable tidbits you wouldn’t hear
about any other way.

3. Opportunities

When you land a new job, the idea of having to secure
another one in the future is usually the farthest thing from your mind.
However, unless you are approaching retirement, there’s a decent chance you’ll
end up on the job market at some point during your career.

Like you, your old boss maintains their own professional
network, and they may hear about exciting job openings at other companies.
Additionally, like you, your boss may secure a new opportunity with another
business, giving you a connection to a
new organization.

By staying in touch with your old boss, you can count on
them as part of your network. That way, when it’s time to find something new
again, you can reach out and see if they are aware of any jobs that may suit

4. References

When you need to provide a
prospective employer with contact information for a reference, being able to
list a former manager is often ideal. In most cases, your old boss’s
input is valuable for a few years after you leave that position, so keeping in
touch ensures you can provide their details should the need arise.

Even if you landed your dream job, it’s always wise to have
a plan in case you end up on the job market sooner than you expected.
Unanticipated events, like a layoff or emergency move, can throw your career
off track, so having important references
available is always essential.

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