3 Attributes that Extraordinary Tech Leaders Have in Common

Tech leaders are the difference makers between success and
failure. How they lead and inspire their people has a direct impact on
productivity, efficiency, morale and effectiveness of an entire team. No matter
the technical requirements you’re looking for in a tech leader, here are three
attributes to look for in your search – attributes that separate good leaders
from extraordinary leaders.


People tend to associate humility with weakness. However,
think about some of the most negative qualities of poor leaders: narcissism,
need for control, massive ego, self-absorption, impulsivity, hyper-criticalness.
Humility works against these negative traits.

Someone with humility thinks before they act, accepts
responsibility for their contributions to both success and failure, and they
tend to build connections rather than tear people down.  A little bit of humility can have a
significant impact on the way employees view a leader and their willingness to
accept direction and criticism from them.

Active Listening

We tend to think of effective leaders as great talkers. They
can command a room, they can influence people to take action. But do they
listen? Truly extraordinary tech leaders don’t just talk. They take in the
feedback, input and ideas of others and weigh them heavily when making
decisions or taking action.

This means they don’t just listen to positive input – they
also willingly and actively take in constructive criticism or negative input
without losing their cool. Whether it’s a one-on-one situation with an employee
or colleague, or a group meeting or roundtable, the ability to listen actively
and consume what others have to say separates good leaders from exceptional


Great leaders are not micromanagers. It is impossible to
lead well if a person is constantly involving themselves in the minutiae of
their employees’ tasks. Exceptional leaders trust that they have hired capable
individuals who can make rational decisions that are good for the organization.

This does not mean, however, that a leader should be
gullible. Trust is something that must be earned, but it is also a gift given
to capable people. Exceptional leaders are willing to go out on a limb and put
trust in capable individuals. Over time, as those people exceed expectations,
they can earn even greater trust with more responsibility. At the end of the
day, leadership is about bringing out the best in others and that begins with

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