3 Attributes that Extraordinary Tech Leaders Have in Common

Tech leaders are the difference makers between success and failure. How they lead and inspire their people has a direct impact on productivity, efficiency, morale and effectiveness of an entire team. No matter the technical requirements you’re looking for in a tech leader, here are three attributes to look for in your search – attributes that separate good leaders from extraordinary leaders.

Humility People tend to associate humility with weakness. However, think about some of the most negative qualities of poor leaders: narcissism, need for control, massive ego, self-absorption, impulsivity, hyper-criticalness. Humility works against these negative traits.

Someone with humility thinks before they act, accepts responsibility for their contributions to both success and failure, and they tend to build connections rather than tear people down.  A little bit of humility can have a significant impact on the way employees view a leader and their willingness to accept direction and […]

Are These Cloud-Based Security Concerns Really Myths?

Despite widespread adoption of cloud-based systems, many organizations worry about transferring core functions to the cloud. Even though the public cloud can decrease costs, improve efficiencies and allow IT teams to focus on more strategic initiatives, many people are still concerned about security. Myths about cloud security still abound, and it is necessary to separate fact from fiction when weighing cloud-based options.

Myth: Offsite Data Centers Are Always Less Secure This myth is actually rooted in some fact. The truth is, some data centers provided by IT companies in Indianapolis are more secure than corporate data centers, but not always. When evaluating potential providers it is critical to dig deep into the data center’s controls like encryption, tokenization, data loss prevention and security certificates. Cross-reference your specific requirements before choosing a provider.

Myth: A Small Number of Data Centers Means Less Security Some companies choose providers with smaller […]

How Tech Contractors Fill Your Talent Gap

The tech talent gap is growing and today, tech professionals have more choices in the market than nearly any other profession in the US. Because of the ever-growing demand for high-level skills, job seekers can afford to be highly selective when making career decisions. This comes at a time when flexibility is more important than ever before to workers – especially young workers who grew up connected to the internet 24/7 and know that work can happen anytime, from any place.

This had led to a rise in tech pros choosing contract work as their full-time gig. Working as a contractor or a consultant affords them the flexibility to work from home at a schedule that suits them, often provides higher wages, and opens them up to projects on a national or even global scale.

Companies that struggle to hire and keep skilled tech talent could close their […]

It’s OK to Have a Two-Page Tech Resume

For decades, experts have advocated for single-page resumes, no matter how vast your career has been. However, times and trends are changing. Thanks to the rise of tech consulting gigs and contract employment, short resumes don’t necessarily paint a picture of who a candidate is as a professional. Fortunately today, a two-page resume won’t necessarily turn off a tech hiring manager. As with any job opportunity, you need to find skills to put on your cv that will stand out from the rest of the crowd that are also looking to make a serious impression.

The Survey Changing Hearts and Minds According to a recent survey by ResumeGo, hiring managers, recruiters, HR pros and executives preferred two pages resumes 2.3 times more than one-page documents. They simulated a hiring situation and of 7,712 resumes reviewed, over 5,300 two-page documents were chosen. The study also showed that hiring managers were […]

Why IT Pros Must Have Lives Outside of Work

National unemployment rates among IT workers remains shockingly low, hovering around the 4-percent mark during early 2019. As businesses struggle to find the candidates they need for vacant positions, many are putting more pressure on their current workforce to ensure required tasks are getting accomplished. This leads many tech pros to dedicate more hours to work, sacrificing their personal lives in the process.

But failing to lead a fulfilling life outside of the office can have detrimental effects, leading to decreased productivity as morale begins to suffer. That makes this model unsustainable over the long-term. To help you see why, here are some of the reasons IT pros must have lives outside of work.

Preventing Burnout When your workers spend extra hours at the office and don’t completely disconnect from their duties during their off time, burnout is almost a guarantee. The constant feeling of having to be 100 percent […]

Should You Use Software to Monitor Your Employees?

Monitoring your employees with software can be beneficial, if it’s done with strategy and the right intentions. From the logistics to implementing and communicating it, to dealing with potential issues, there is a lot to keep in mind to ensure employee monitoring software is effective for accomplishing your goals, rather than a distraction or a detriment to morale. Consider these factors when determining monitoring your employees with software is right for you.

Purpose Clarify why you would be interested in installing an employee monitoring software to figure out if it would be the optimal solution for your needs. What type of activity do you want to track and why? And how often will you be checking it (i.e., settling flags that will alert you to suspicious activity versus checking it manually on a regular basis)? This will help you determine how employee tracking software will fit into your overall […]

How to Manage a Remote Tech Team to Success

As a means of securing the highest caliber of tech talent, more companies are embracing remote teams. Not only does this broaden their available talent pools, it also ensures a person’s physical location is largely irrelevant when it comes to hiring. As long as the employee has access to a reliable internet connection and the right tools, they can be just as productive from practically anywhere; and with the aid of remote employee management software, managing such a team has never been easier.

However, if you want to craft a truly remarkable tech team, then you need to manage them properly. Often, this requires company leaders to rethink how they operate, abandoning old paradigms that don’t always work when overseeing a remote workforce.

If you want your remote tech team to be as successful as possible, here are some tips that can help you manage them effectively.

Delegate Wisely With […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Stay in Touch With Your Former Boss

When you move on to a new role, the idea of staying in touch with your old boss may seem odd. This is especially true if your relationship wasn’t always ideal or was downright challenging at times. Even if you had a strong connection, which can occur when a supervisor isn’t just overseeing your work but also helps you grow as a professional, touching base regularly might feel strange, particularly when it comes to discussing how happy you are in your new job.

However, remaining in contact with your former manager is actually a smart move, especially when it comes to the success of your career. If you are sure why, here aren’t four reasons to stay in touch with your old boss.

1. Guidance Just because you’ve started in a new position doesn’t mean your old boss can’t offer you guidance during trying times. In fact, they can be […]

The Easiest Way to Make a Great First Impression at a New Job

Starting a new job is exciting, but heading into your workplace the first time can also be a nerve-racking experience. After all, you are going to meet a lot of new people and you probably want to make the best first impression possible with each and every one.

Luckily, there is something you can do to help ensure that you make a great first impression at your new job, and it isn’t difficult. Here’s the one thing you need to do before heading in on your first day.

Practice Your Introductions When it comes down to it, practice makes perfect. That’s why some much interview advice focuses on rehearsing responses to common questions.

On your first day, you are almost guaranteed to be nervous. This may lead you to stumble over your words or simply draw a blank when you meet someone new, especially if the encounter wasn’t planned or […]

3 Tips to Make Your Tech Team More Diverse

Creating a diverse team can be challenging. Often, you are limited based on the candidates that apply and biases, whether conscious or unconscious, can impact hiring decisions, leading to more homogenous groups.

Research shows that having a diverse team provides significant benefits, particularly in areas like innovation and creativity. This can help the company’s bottom line by creating new products or finding solutions that may otherwise have missed the mark.

If you want to make your tech team more diverse, here are three tips to help you on your journey.

1. Eliminate Buzzword Titles Over recent years, vacancy announcements began to more heavily feature certain buzzwords that companies hoped would help them stand out from their competitors. Teams like “ninja” and “guru” began to litter the text, and the result of using these words wasn’t always positive.

While they seem whimsical in nature to many, certain buzzwords are seen as […]

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