Need Talent? Find where the good candidates are.

More frequently than not, I am posed with the question of how to find good candidates. Being in the staffing industry – we have access to millions of candidates but in all honesty, they are not continuously busting through the doors. So, we have to search high and low, network, continuously post opportunities in the right place, and stay engaged with our industry. Since our company’s job is to do all of this work – our clients don’t have to. Here are some insider’s tips that we can share on how to find those diamond-in–the-ruff candidates.

1. Build your company’s brand. Candidates and the online community alike all research a company’s reputation. Brands such as Apple and Nike receive an abundance of top-notch candidates because they’ve created a positive experience for consumers and employees. Similarly, companies have to create top-notch experiences and a reputation that will boost their awareness amongst […]