How to Take on Tough Cybersecurity Challenges

Cybersecurity is on the mind of every CEO and corporate board today. Each year, corporations across the globe spend billions of dollars to secure corporate data and keep hackers out. When hackers are successful, it can cost a corporation greatly. The damage caused by hackers goes beyond financial burdens and extends to both an organization’s reputation and customer relationships. With this in mind, how does an organization successfully take on the cybersecurity challenges our connected world presents?

The Top 6 Cyber Challenges Challenge # 1 – Data, Data, Everywhere Solution: Separate Personal Employee Data from the Rest of Your Network

Businesses today are overflowing with all types of data. Where possible, use segregated networks for employee data and business operations. This segregation can prevent many headaches and can isolate damage in the event of a breach.

Challenge # 2 – Cyber Risk from Outside Parties Solution: Evaluate Third-Party Risk […]

The Most Important Things to Do While Attending Conferences

Conferences are an essential part of professional growth. Not only do they expose attendees to upcoming trends in their industry, they can also help with soft skills such as networking.

How to Make the Most of Your Conference Experience Conferences can be overwhelming experiences stretched out over several days and jam-packed with events, activities, talks, and social gatherings. The best way to get the most out of your conference experience is to do a little pre-planning.

Do Your Research Before booking your hotel room and rental car, do a little research on the conference you are attending. Research the speakers and the topics to ensure the information provided will be of benefit to your current or future work projects. Also, think about whether there is any other business you can do in the host city, which is a nice bonus.

Create a Plan Once you have researched the conference […]

Where Are the Newest Emerging Tech Hubs?

As with real estate, tech hubs are all about location, location, location. Over the past 20 years, the central tech hubs included Silicon Valley and Seattle with the most recent push including Boston and New York. However, with the skyrocketing cost of living in these primary tech cities, tax changes due to the recent tax reform legislation, and with many smaller locales rolling out the welcome mat (with tax advantages and other relocation incentives for tech companies) times are changing.

The Top 6 Emerging Tech Hubs While traditionally tech hubs have been thought to be in the pacific northwest and in northeast cities, areas in the south are now starting to gain popularity. This can be attributed to state and local efforts to attract corporate partners, affordability and weather.

Hub # 1: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  Average tech salary: $97,415

Population:  1,567,872

Come for the cheesesteak and the Super Bowl-winning Eagles, […]

What are the Perks that Tech Pros Will Leave a Job For?

With near record levels of employment, employers today need to step up their game when trying to attract and retain top talent. In addition to traditional compensation vehicles such as salary, health insurance and bonuses, there are several perks that employers can add that improve employee experience and work-life balance, making their company an attractive place to work.

The Top Employee Perks The perks employees look for the most are teleworking capability, student loan repayment assistance, food and beverage provided onsite, wellness programs (both onsite and offsite), and discounts. The great thing about these perks is that each can be tailored to an organization, aligning with their resources and needs.

Flexible Telework Programs Employers who have established telework programs will always catch the eye of top tech talent. The flexibility to work remotely and during hours that are most conducive to an employee’s lifestyle are highly sought after. To […]

Need Talent? Find where the good candidates are.

More frequently than not, I am posed with the question of how to find good candidates. Being in the staffing industry – we have access to millions of candidates but in all honesty, they are not continuously busting through the doors. So, we have to search high and low, network, continuously post opportunities in the right place, and stay engaged with our industry. Since our company’s job is to do all of this work – our clients don’t have to. Here are some insider’s tips that we can share on how to find those diamond-in–the-ruff candidates.

1. Build your company’s brand. Candidates and the online community alike all research a company’s reputation. Brands such as Apple and Nike receive an abundance of top-notch candidates because they’ve created a positive experience for consumers and employees. Similarly, companies have to create top-notch experiences and a reputation that will boost their awareness amongst […]