Employee Spotlight: Pankaj Shrivastav

Pankaj is a shining star in the ASK universe. Day in and day out he works to train and advise employees in the Global Delivery Center. He is responsible for training and teaching all of the new employees and so he is constantly working with very little down time. Pankaj also takes care of ongoing training with current employees in order to keep everyone working at their peak performance level. Because he is involved with training so many of the staff members, Pankaj has become a great mentor. He is constantly innovating to solve any needs that arise in terms of creating new training when necessary or putting new processes in place. Pankaj is consistently taking the initiative to solve problems proactively when he sees them arise. His enthusiasm is contagious and keeps people on their toes and in great spirits.

Pankaj is a man of mystery, but we […]

Employee Spotlight: Sowmya Raman

Sowmya is a dedicated and valued employee on the accounting team. She is ultra-dependable, personable, and highly accurate. In terms of commitment, there is none better than Sowmya.

Sowmya enjoys the fact that she has been allowed the opportunity to work remotely because she has earned the trust of the management. She has been a loyal employee since February of 2010, and although she is often behind the scenes (so to speak) she has had an enormous impact on the continuity and stability of the company. Sowmya enjoys the familial atmosphere of her office and she feels that the “company truly values people on a personal level, which makes the hardest days just as great.”

Without Sowmya, the show would not go on. Operations Manager, Sarah Palmer, holds her in the highest regard, stating that “Sowmya is one of the unsung heroes of ASK. Many people in the company […]

Employee Spotlight: Amanda Gerson

Amanda Gerson is a valued team member in the ASK’s Corporate office because she is quick working, resourceful, and full of wit. Amanda is always engaged in her work, but she knows when to take a break and have a good laugh. Amanda’s four years at the company have given her a lot of insight and knowledge about how to keep ASK’s recruiting process a well-oiled machine. Having started her career as an entry level recruiter, Amanda’s persistence and commitment have contributed to her growth into a seasoned professional, and she now manages the accounts for some of our highest profile clients.

Amanda may spend a lot of time dedicated to her work and her clients, but she also spends time hanging out with her awesome dogs, cats, and husband. Amanda is an avid Georgia Bulldogs fan; in fact, her wedding was decked out in UGA theme colors.

Adrienne […]

Employee Spotlight: Vidya Sagar

Vidya Sagar, for anyone who doesn’t know, is such a joy to work with. As the head of the Global Delivery Center, Sagar is in charge of keeping things under control, and no one is more timely or reliable. He is highly recommended by his peers, in fact, VP of Operations Adrienne Hebb can’t speak more kindly of Sagar. She says that “Sagar is an innovative and unique leader whose approachability combined with his unmistakable business acumen make him a true force of nature. I’ve learned a great deal working alongside Sagar and I’ve had tons of fun at the same time because of his own special brand of humor. Sagar is a great asset to ASK and my brother from another mother.”

Sagar is not only a great company man, but he’s also a fantastic family man. According to Sagar’s great friend and colleague Feroz, he loves to […]

Employee Spotlight: David Kris

This week we are highlighting our Resource Manager, David Kris! David is a ball of energy with a sparkling sense of humor and a love for the sport cricket. Read on to see what our staff has to say about this week’s ASK hero.

“When it comes to energy and talent, you just can’t beat David. Since we don’t work in the same office, we see each other a few times a year. Every single time I’ve met him I’m blown away by how ‘switched on’ and focused David is, and this energy shows in the results he’s been able to consistently produce. Apart from being a veritable machine and excellent producer, David is also a genuinely awesome guy with a quick wit and a seriously contagious smile.” – Adrienne Hebb

“David has always been inspiring to us with his quality of work, attitude, and the way he […]

Employee Spotlight: Feroz Shaik

Without people like Feroz on the ASK team, the show would not go on. Feroz is as dedicated to his job as a team lead as he is charming. During his nearly three years of employment in ASK’s Global Delivery Center, Feroz has made a dedicated attempt to continue to learning and building upon his career background. He has loved joining a company that has such a close knit atmosphere, and he has been challenged and rewarded by the fast paced environment. Feroz says that he has really enjoyed being a team lead because he likes the likes training people and spending time with them. Feroz particularly likes working with his client and he has continued to grow and adapt to the highly competitive environment. If there’s one thing to be said about Feroz it’s that he is committed to his self improvement.

Feroz’s positive attitude is pervasive amongst […]

Employee Spotlight: Jagadeep Shanker

Jagadeep Shanker is highly valued by his colleagues, and for good reason. Jagadeep has been working in ASK’s global delivery center for almost three years and he has made himself invaluable during that time as a team lead. Jagadeep has been integral in helping his team members by showing them the ropes and taking care of them by teaching them how to submit resumes and communicate with candidates. Jagadeep says that he really does enjoy working with people and helping them. Jagadeep’s time at ASK has been truly enjoyable, he says, because he has never worked somewhere before that has such a familial atmosphere. He likes that everyone seems to care for each other, and that makes the job more fun.

Pankaj Shrivastav, the Manager of Organizational Development in our Global Delivery Center is extremely proud of Jagadeep. Pankaj says that “he is calm, cool and tenacious! He has confidence in […]

Employee Spotlight: Terrell Carby

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Certainly not Terrell Carby, but he is this week’s employee spotlight. Terrell is the account manager for one of ASK’s biggest clients and he has proved to be an invaluable member of the ASK family. Terrell came to ASK Staffing almost 2 years ago and has used his time and industry knowledge to keep his relationships with both his clients and his team healthy and productive. Terrell says that he finds the people aspect of his job to be most rewarding; he likes to be able to continue his professional relationships and he loves communicating with his team and working closely with them.   Aside from his job, Terrell is a true sportsman. He enjoys hunting and fishing, playing racquetball, and watching sports. Although Terrell works from the Chicago area he loves when he has the opportunity to visit the corporate […]

Employee Spotlight: Swapna Lingala

Swapna Lingala is has worked at ASK Staffing’s Global Delivery Center for about a year and a half, and in that time she says that she has really enjoyed the opportunity to learn and grow. Swapna started off at ASK working in Employee Relations but then quickly developed in her career and now works as the Assistant Manager for Human Resources. Swapna says that she really enjoyed working in Employee Relations because not only did she learn a lot professionally, but she also became a more confident person, and she has really appreciated this development.

Pankaj Shrivastav, the Manager of Organizational Development has worked closely with Swapna since she started her career at ASK and he says that she “has been a livewire right since the time she joined the HR team about a year and a half ago. She has impressed everyone with her energy and a consistently positive […]

Employee Spotlight: Zach Ledoux

Our highlighted employee for this week comes from the Boston office. Today actually marks Zach Ledoux’s 9 month anniversary of recruiting with ASK, and he has hit the ground running, according to his supervisor Nick Campo (Managing Director). Nick tells us that Zach “has been a dedicated team member since day one. New to the staffing industry, Zach has shown an ability to develop great relationships with his candidates and has a knack for finding the “right fit” for our clients. A team player through and through, Zach has stepped up by spending time in our Washington DC branch to ramp up the team there. We see a bright future for Zach in this industry and are we are lucky to have him on our team!”

When asked about his shining moment during his career at ASK, Zach mentioned that his first deal was most memorable. Zach says that […]

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