Employee Spotlight: Ven Kumar

One conversation with Ven Kumar makes it obvious that Pankaj Shrivastav’s words are true. “He works quietly, with exceptional focus and it’s rare that he doesn’t manage to get the right candidate for the right job! He has been one of the most prolific recruiters over the last few years, and yet remains humble and very down-to-earth.” Ven is quiet, yes, and when asked about his accomplishments he mentions that he values the other people on his team and his managers. Ven has been working at ASK for several years, since 2011, and he says that he has very much enjoyed his job and his time at ASK.

Ven started out as a recruiter at ASK but his dedication has ensured that he gained responsibility and is now a Sr. Executive IT Recruiter. Vidya Sagar attests to Ven’s commitment, saying that “Ven has been one of the most consistent recruiters […]

Employee Spotlight: Suganya Srinivasan


ASK Staffing is entirely excited to present this week’s employee spotlight, our Accounting Lead, Suganya Srinivasan. If her co-workers praise is any indication, Suganya is dependable, cheerful and a great team member. According to Sridevi Mathi, Suganya “has a GO GETTER attitude and is a friendly natured person.”

Suganya’s direct supervisor, Hina Patel, Director of Finance has been impressed with Suganya from day one. Hina truly admires Suganya’s work ethic and dedication. Hina told us that “I truly respect her learning and understanding abilities as far as her duties go and admire her support for the team by being a great leader, mentor and team player”.

Ishan Behl, Suganya’s co-worker says that Suganya has the “ability to inspire” and that she is an “understanding person”. Ishan mentioned as well that he learned many things from Suganya, namely “how to handle things in bad situations” and how “to make […]

Employee Spotlight: Raj Singh

Dedicated. This is how Raj Singh is described by his supervisors, and they can’t stop singing his praises. Raj has worked at ASK’s Global Delivery Center for a little over a year and a half and he has worked hard to become a well-trusted Senior Recruiter. When asked what his greatest accomplishment is, Raj said that he has valued earning the trust of his supervisors and clients during his career so that he has been able to work hard and deliver what they need. Raj has worked with a number of very high profile clients in a variety of industries and likely the key to his success as a recruiter is due to the fact that he highly values talking to candidates. Raj mentioned that his favorite part of his job at ASK is taking the time to learn about candidates, talking with them and understanding them personally. His […]

Employee Spotlight

Courtney Schwab

Courtney is one of the newest additions to the team here at ASK Staffing, Inc. and she has made an impact with her focus and determination. Courtney has already made several submissions just three days into her career at ASK, so needless to say, she has hit the ground running. As a mother, self- proclaimed crock-pot aficionado, family gal, and beach lover, Courtney has a lot to juggle in terms of work, family, and fun. With two years of recruiting experience under her belt as well prior experience in the service industry, Courtney is able to bring a cornucopia of skills to the table. She provides unique perspectives from both her past experience with recruiting and her well-developed “people skills” from customer service.

Courtney would like to spotlight a couple of different jobs that she’s working on. She’s looking to fill IT Recruiter positions for ASK’s Atlanta […]

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