ASK wins Inavero’s Best of Staffing® for 2015

ASK Staffing is an eclectic group of very personable and committed professionals highly dedicated to solving the staffing needs of its clients. The staff at ASK is passionate about technology, intentionally staying informed of the current trends in order to successfully recruit talented and knowledgeable candidates. Because ASK puts in so much effort to both stay informed about technology and maintain a broad network of tech professionals, we are very excited about being awarded as one of Ivanero’s Best of Staffing®.

This award simply reinforces that our values and priorities are on track and that everything we are hoping to achieve as a team is truly coming to fruition. As this is ASK’s 4th consecutive Best of Staffing award, we are happy to see that year after year we have been able to maintain a standard of excellence and efficient support to our clients. We are quite pleased that we […]

Old Fashioned Balance in a Modern Connected World

A character from Richard Linklater’s film Waking Life boldly states that “This is absolutely the most exciting time we could have possibly hoped to be alive. And things are just starting.” Inspiring words, to be sure, and having witnessed the break-neck pace at which technology has evolved in the last ten years, it is hard to disagree. For better or for worse, we live in an interconnected world that not only makes anything seem possible, but also makes everyone seem accessible.

Clearly workplace cultures and environments that very effectively take advantage of these tools are those that allow accessibility and yet incorporate filters that permit engaged employees and employers to make the most of their time. Of course this ability to be connected with anyone at any time forces individuals to make choices to preserve our boundaries, manage our time, and remain connected on our own terms. This connectivity also forces employers to […]

IT Jobs On the Rise

In a study published by TechServe Alliance, it noted that employment in the IT industry is experiencing record hiring. Not too big of a surprise but IT employment has grown by 5.71% since June 2012 adding almost 241,700 IT workers.

Mark Roberts, CEO of TechServe Alliance, stated: “While IT employment has been on the upswing for some time, June’s numbers are clearly evidence that pace is accelerating. While I have said it before, it bears repeating because of its importance: an inadequate supply of talent, not demand, represents our greatest challenge to achieving the full potential for IT employment growth in the U.S.” For those still in college, it might be a good idea to consider the IT field for a career. Or if you are an experienced hire and are looking to switch careers, the world of IT might offer endless opportunities for you. Contact us today, if you […]