Amanda Gerson, Senior Account Manager

Amanda’s go-getter attitude derived from her early years as an avid soccer player. Her fervent demeanor helps her score business deals and keeps her clients’ best interest at heart. Before bringing her talent to ASK, Amanda’s career made a few twists working as a teacher, a nanny, and even dabbling in retail. Although her taste buds may have blossomed from being named the ‘family frosting taster’, her true hunger is to develop her strength as a team leader.

While enrolled at Piedmont College she majored in Biology and studied theatre, but being a stat-quoting drama queen didn’t quite fit her career dreams. Instead, her experience in account management has given her the desire to learn more, conquer challenges, and help her team succeed.

Even more so than her love for the Atlanta Braves, Amanda’s true passion is connecting clients with skilled candidates. You might catch her in the office on weekends but you will have a better chance of sighting her on a nature trail or near a calming river bank.