Courtney Schwab, Account Manager

Courtney began her career in the financial industry as a correspondent but she quickly realized that finances were not her passion and so she began searching for a new career path. Her career search led her to a recruiting position and she quickly became successful as a well-rounded recruiter, working for IT, sales, accounting, engineering, and more. After she had her first baby girl Courtney decided to venture back into the world of recruiting at ASK and has thoroughly enjoyed recruiting internally with a more narrow and focused scope.

Outside of the office walls Courtney enjoys spending time with her daughter and fiancé, drinking wine, and cooking food in her crock pot, and walking her long-haired Chihuahua. She hopes to one day own a car that properly fits her daughter’s car seat.

Courtney enjoys the opportunity she has to observe the company culture of ASK in order to seek out and place the most apt candidates for our various locations in the US. Being a recruiter has provided a lot of satisfaction because Courtney is not only able to provide for her family, but she also has the assurance that she has helped place someone in a beneficial position for their career. Courtney enjoys being able to come to work and accomplish her daily goals, connecting with candidates and creating a network of people whose careers she can help to further.

People are so thankful when they are hired and placed in a position that is right for them and so Courtney enjoys being a part of the process. She enjoys being able to bring people into the family at ASK and building strong professional relationships with her coworkers.