Manish Karani, CEO

Manish turns his dreams into reality by creating masterful growth strategies that are executed to a tee. He brings some serious competition to his role as President of ASK. Manish has spent the past 15 years, creating, growing, and selling two companies before starting ASK and he knows exactly what it takes to thrive. Attributing his success to divine destiny, Manish sincerely believes that he’s been placed in this role for a reason. Big-hearted by nature, Manish uses his position to help others and continuously supports humanitarian efforts across the globe.

A graduate of Kakatiya University, Manish majored in Engineering and has a solid background in Information Technology. With all of his experience, he can tell you a little bit about everything. From knowing about the latest web technologies to frying an egg on the grill, Manish has it covered. With all of his talent, it’s no surprise that he can speak six different languages.

As one of the leading management team members, Manish has a lot on his shoulders. However, on those same shoulders, he makes room for his two beautiful children – and spends his weekends bowling, watching movies, or entertaining family and friends.