Mike Nocella, Manager – Client Development

Mike is a well-rounded and tenacious staffing professional who works hard and invests in all sorts of adventures outside of work. Mike is a mentor in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program and he enjoys participating in amateur motocross races. Mike is also a fan of playing guitar in his down time and hanging out with his friends. He’s clearly a little bit of a renaissance man, and he takes his job seriously too.

Mike Nocella is a hard-working and committed Account Manager in ASK’s Boston office. Mike is a self-proclaimed “hunter” and he is extremely team oriented. As the Boston office consists of a tight-knit group of recruiters, Mike feels a dedication to his coworkers, so he is committed selling ASK Staffing’s services in order to keep the team’s engine running. Mike and his team work tirelessly to improve their delivery and Mike attributes his ability to consistently deliver to this mutual hard work. Mike knows that his client relationships are a privilege and so he trusts his coworkers to help him deliver and keep their service top notch.

Mike’s professional goals are in tandem with the success of the Boston office. He knows that the market is good and he’s happy to use his leadership skills to maximize the growth and profit of the team. Mike really loves his job because he is a “people person”. He looks forward to interacting with new people every day. He also really values the opportunity to keep a good balance of team bonding and a light atmosphere, despite the hard work that they do in the office. Mike says that he learns a lot from his teammates and he really values the insight that they provide.