Pallavi Shah, Chairperson

As the brains behind ASK Staffing, Pallavi has proven to be a career driven woman who has accessorized her life with wisdom, courage, and tenacity. After graduating from University of Nebraska and working for Lucent Technologies as a Business Analyst, she went on to live up to a title lovingly given to her when she was a child – “Top Boss”. Though her siblings named her that at the ripe age of 7, Pallavi knew she had a vision to fulfill.

Taking client satisfaction to the next level, Pallavi’s work has received recognition in Georgia as a “Top 50 Women Owned Business”, “Top 100 Diversity Owned Business,” and “Top 100 Privately-held Business”. Although Pallavi is proud of the recognition she has received, she is boastful of her greatest accomplishment as a mother of two.

She’s really impressed by organization and could spend hours in the Container Store, but if you ever want to knock her socks off, treat her to an insatiable VegOut sandwich at Einstein’s Bagel!