Vidya Sagar, VP of Client Delivery

Vidya Sagar has long been a fixture in the ASK Corporate office, and for good reason. He is an all star player and he has spent a lot of time dedicated to the success of the Global Delivery Center. Sagar has about 11 years of US Recruiting experience and he has been committed to growing in his success throughout his career with ASK. Sagar enjoys the opportunity to build huge teams and train them to be proficient in their professions. He likes training his teams on the best practices and giving them the  guidance that they need to excel and succeed.

Sagar really enjoys working in the fast paced environment of the Global Delivery Center. He says that it is difficult for him to pick his favorite aspects about the position because everything is exciting and keeps him really motivated. He is appreciative of the chance that he has to work with such great people, and he really likes his colleagues. Professionally, his goals are to continue to succeed as an active part of ASK and to drastically increase the revenue of the company.

On his own time Sagar loves to go for long drives, and spend a lot of quality time with his family. He also enjoys sitting down for a meal of Hyderbadi Chicken Biryani with lots of Coke. Sagar is a stellar part of the team at ASK and the company really would not be the same without him.